Why The Good Jobs Score?

Even in highly competitive industries, like low-cost retail, there are companies that choose a Good Jobs Strategy. They design and manage their operations in a way that creates value for their customers and investors while offering good jobs to their employees. The Good Jobs Strategy is a sustainable strategy in which everyone —customers, employees, and investors— wins.

How can an investor who is interested in sustainable companies identify which companies in a particular industry are following a Good Jobs Strategy? How can a customer who is interested in “voting with their wallet” identify which companies offer great value while taking care of their employees? Those are the questions that motivated us to create The Good Jobs Score.

Another motivation for creating The Good Jobs Score is to encourage companies to help develop and report standardized measures of employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and productivity. As we explain in the methodology section, the data used to develop the score are limited and have drawbacks.

The Good Jobs Score was developed by Zeynep Ton and her students and is a prototype of what is possible. Please help us improve it by providing feedback!